Choosing a hosting package is a skill in itself. There are a few things that you should always get with a specialist web hosting service. Below outlines three of Pop Creatives main hosting services.


A lot of our websites are built on top of WordPress. If you’ve ever used WordPress you’ll know that plugins, themes and core files get updated all the time to keep the software secure and stable. We take care of updating WordPress and ensuring that your themes and plugins all work together when updated. You never know when updating a plugin could cause your whole website to crash.


What about when things go wrong? Attacks, network issues or general errors can happen at any time for various reasons. Preventative measures are put in place by us to help us keep one step ahead. The ability to fix the problems in a timely manner, that minimises the cost to your business, is invaluable. The variety of monitoring services we run lets us know the moment something doesn't seem right – not when your customers happen to stumble upon the problem.


As a standard we take both daily and hourly backups. If your data is time sensitive, we can change the interval. This means if the unforeseen does happen you can rest assured knowing your data is as up to date as possible.

To talk to us about any of our hosting, please email